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International Symposiums on Social Communication

International Symposiums on Social Communication

International conference sponsored by theCenter for Applied Linguistics of Santiago de Cuba. The Symposiums have been held on 13 editions from 1987 to 2013, and has been largely attended by scholars from Cuba (3,000) and over 35 countries (600) from all over the world, with an average of 300 participants in each conference. A significant element in these meetings is the publication since 1997 of the PROCEEDINGS with all papers and lectures, thoroughly selected by a Scientific Committee of Cuban and foreign experts. The International Symposiums on Social Communication are multidisciplinary in nature, and integrate the following specialties: Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, medical specialties linked to speech, the voice and social communication in general, Mass Media, and Ethnology and Folklore. These congresses allow scholars to bring themselves up to date through fruitful scientific exchange among the numerous participants.


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