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International Symposiums on Social Communication

1st International Symposium on Social Communication

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, December 4 through 5, 1987


The 1st Symposium on Applied Linguistics, eventually would become International Symposium on Social Communication, was held in the city of Santiago de Cuba on December 4 through 5, 1987. The Symposium was attended by 250 scholars, 4 from other countries (Germany (1), Spain (2), Nicaragua (1)), and 246 Cuban specialists. One hundred and six papers were presented in this Symposium.

1. Three lectures were delivered:

- A materialistic-dialectic approach to the phylogenesis of language
Dr. Ricardo Cabanas Comas
Head of the National Group for Logopedics and Phoniatrics
Ministry of Public Health, Havana

- A psycho-pedagogical experience in teaching French at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNIC, Spanish abbreviation)
Dr. Ana María Hermosilla de Coto Conde
CNIC, Havana

- The way of speaking in Nicaragua
Dr. Roger Matus Lazo. Technical Advisor
Central Department of Planning
Ministry of Education
Managua, Nicaragua

Special presentations:

- A communicative approach in teaching Spanish as a foreign language (Material used by the Ministry of Culture of Spain in teaching Spanish for foreign students)
Dr. Lourdes Miquel
Head of the Language Dissemination Service
Ministry of Culture
Madrid, Spain

Dr. Neus Sans
Head of the Language Dissemination Department
Ministry of Culture
Madrid, Spain

A round table entitled "Culture of speaking in Cuba: Efforts directed to its development" was held, with the participation of:

Dr. Julio Vitelio Ruiz Hernández, Center for Applied Linguistics, Santiago de Cuba
Dr. Ricardo Cabanas Comas, Ministry of Public Health, Havana
Dr. Delfina García Pers, Ministry of Education, Havana
Dr. María Elena Pelly, Institute of Literature and Linguistics, Havana
Dr. Mercedes Cathcart Roca , University of Oriente, Santiago de Cuba

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