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International Symposiums on Social Communication

3rd International Symposium on Social Communication

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, December 3 through 6, 1991


The 3rd International Symposium on Social Communication was held in the city of Santiago de Cuba. The Symposium was attended by 258 scholars, 16 from other countries (Mexico (4), Russia (4), United States of America (2), Venezuela (3), Brazil (1), India (1), Germany (1)), and 242 Cuban specialists. One hundred and ten papers were presented in this Symposium.

Five master lectures were delivered. The opening lecture was given by Dr. Max Figueroa Esteva, the then President of the Cuban Association of Linguists and full researcher at the Institute of Literature and Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba, Havana.

Master lectures delivered:

- El sistema radial santiaguero. Su estructura y composición. Su influencia cultural, recreativa e informativa en el entorno.
Lic.Gerardo Calderín
Director of the Provincial Division of Radio Stations, Cuban Radio and Television Institute, Santiago de Cuba.

- Supervivencia de lenguas africanas en Cuba y Comunicación Social.
Dr. Alberto Pedro Díaz
Ethnology and Folklore Specialist, Academy of Sciences of Cuba, Havana.

- Ideología y lenguaje en los aborígenes de Cuba (acompañado de exposición arqueológica)
José M. Guarch del Monte, DSc
Academy of Sciences of Cuba, Holguín

- History and current status of treatment approaches for stuttering in the United States
Dr. James C. Montague
University of Arkansas, USA

A round table, organized by Lic. Lino Verdecia Calunga, a professor at the University of Oriente, and entitled "The use of language in the mass media" was held, with the participation of:

Dr. Deysi Rivero A.
Vice-president of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba, Havana

Dr. Magaly García Ojeda
Head of the Primary Education Department of the Ministry of Education, Havana.

Lic. Reinaldo Infante R.
General Manager of Radio Programs, Havana.

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