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International Symposiums on Social Communication

5th International Symposium on Social Communication

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, January 22 through 24, 1997


The 5th International Symposium on Social Communication was held in the city of Santiago de Cuba. The Symposium was attended by 364 scholars, 80 from other countries (Argentina (8), Taiwan (1), France (3), Brazil (10), Unites States of America (6), Canada (5), Uruguay (1), Mexico (8), Austria (1), Spain (8), England (4), The Netherlands (2), Italy (9), Chile (2), Switzerland (1), Venezuela (4), Germany (1), Australia (4), Sweden (1), Trinidad and Tobago (1) ), and 186 Cuban specialists. One hundred and eighty six papers were presented in this Symposium.

Four lectures were delivered. The opening lecture was given by Dr. Salvador Bueno, President of the Cuban Academy of the Spanish Language.

Master lectures delivered:
-Clinical and Linguistic Aspects of Prespeech Development in Children, by Dr. Kathleen Wermke, Humboldt University, Germany, Eng. Daniel Escobedo Beceiro, Center for Applied Linguistics, Santiago de Cuba, Dr. Sergio Cano Ortiz, University of Oriente, Santiago de Cuba.
- The language of television and radio: International news and national norms, by Dr. Raúl Avila, El Colegio de Mexico, Mexico.
- Twenty five years of Applied Linguistics, Dr. Eloína Miyares Bermúdez, Center for Applied Linguistics, Santiago de Cuba.
- Clinical Aspects of Chronobiology, by Dr. Renate Siegmund, Humboldt University, Germany.
Dr. Francisco Ruiz Miyares, Southern Pediatric Hospital, Santiago de Cuba.

A round table entitled "Linguistic unit in Spanish America: Present situation and prospects" was held, with the participation of:

Dr. Mercedes Cathcart Roca
University of Oriente, Cuba

Dr. Gisela Cárdenas Molina
President of the Cuban Association of Linguists

Lic. Nancy álamo Suárez
Researcher at the Center for Applied Linguistics, Cuba

Dr. Raúl Ávila
El Colegio de Mexico, Mexico

Prof. Sergio Serrón
Pedagogical Institute of Caracas, Venezuela

Dr. Lelia Mabel Gándara
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Prof. Mónica Elena Salinas Umansky
Catholic University of Uruguay Dámaso A. Larrañaga, Uruguay


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