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International Symposiums on Social Communication

8th International Symposium on Social Communication

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, January 20 through 24, 2003


The 8th International Symposium on Social Communication was held with high scientific level at the Heredia Convention Center of Santiago de Cuba. The Symposium was attended by 303 scholars, 168 from 26 countries (Belgium (6), Bolivia (1), Brazil (24), Canada (5), Chile (2), China (2), Colombia (1), Spain (25), United States of America (27), France (26), The Netherlands (3), England (6), Ireland (3), Italy (3), Jamaica (1), Japan (3), Mexico (13), Norway (1), Portugal (4), Puerto Rico (1), Czech Republic (1), Russia (1), Sweden (4), Switzerland (1), Uruguay (2), Venezuela (2)), and 135 Cuban specialists from 10 provinces.

These were the most remarkable aspects of the Symposium:

1. Two pre-symposium courses were given:

- Preparation of electronic dictionaries, by Dr. Xabier Arregi Iparragirre, University of the Basque Country, Basque Country.

- English language teaching techniques, by Dr. Holly Wilson, Alliant International University, USA.

2. The opening lecture entitled "Trends in discourse analysis" was delivered by Dr. Gisela Cárdenas Molina, Institute of Literature and Linguistics, President of the Cuban Association of Linguists and a member of the Cuban Academy of the Spanish Language.

3. The following master lectures were delivered:

- On the Ownership of Text, by Prof. Dr. Yorick Wilks, Department of Computer Science, Sheffield University, England.
- Some challenges for a grammar of spoken language, by Prof. Dr. Jens Allwood, Department of Linguistics of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

4. Two hundred and eighty two papers were published in two volumes of the well-known ACTAS (PROCEEDINGS) of the Symposium: ACTAS-I (1-642 pages), ISBN 959-7174-01-4, and ACTAS II (643-1341 pages), ISBN 959-7174-02-2.

5. Round table entitled "Estudios Actuales en Lingüística Aplicada", with the participation of Dr. Eloína Miyares from the Center of Applied Linguistics of Santiago de Cuba; Dr. Carmen Curcó from the Foreign Language Training Center (CELE, Spanish acronym), UNAM, Mexico; Dr. Leonardo Herrera, CELE, México; Dr. Vitelio Ruiz H. from the Center of Applied Linguistics, Santiago de Cuba, and Dr. María Noemí Alfaro from the CELE, Mexico.

6. Launching of the anthology entitled "Contribuciones a la Lingüística Aplicada en América Latina" (Contributions to Applied Linguistics in Latin America), printed in the UNAM, Mexico, which includes an article by researchers from the Center for Applied Linguistics of Santiago de Cuba.


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